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  • Complete Solution Provider

    Complete Solution Provider

Chief Technology Officer

Chief Technology Officer

Handle all the technology needs of your organization.
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Database Developer

Database Developer

Architect a database from day one that can grow with the organization.
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Full Stack Developer

Full Stack Developer

From the database to the web front end to the incorporation of the business logic.
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Security professional

Security professional

Member of OWASP, up to date on security issues facing organizations, create and maintain security documents and handle security audits.
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The book starts with the premise that matter and energy are bounded by the the laws of physics.  Since everything consists of matter and energy then, “by applying formulas known within the field of physics you now have one additional means to improve your prediction algorithms.”

Pretty cool stuff.

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.net for ETL

.NET applications can be written in C# to perform ETL operations.  We are experts at this type of coding.  Typically SSIS should be used for ETL, but in some cases .net is used.  For example when extracting data through a custom API.  In this case, .NET will allow for the flexibility to code accordingly.  Whereas SSIS is used mainly for connecting and pulling directly from a database (SQL Server, Oracle, Netezza, and more).  With the numerous frameworks available (MVC 5) much of the tasks can be performed easily.  Do you have a need for an application to perform database extraction, transformation and processing?  Please use the contact form to contact us today.  We will be happy to assist your company with ETL development.

CISO – Chief Information Security Officer

Do you require someone who can:

  • Respond to security questionnaires and audits.
  • Develop security policies and procedures.
  • Ensure your environment will meet the requirements outlined in current and future security questionnaires and audits.
  • Increase security tool adoption and awareness.
  • Assess the security of systems and protect corporate data without negatively impacting business processes.
  • Perform vendor and contractor security reviews.
  • Adopt and ensure that principles of OWASP are incorporated in the software development life cycle.
  • Develop and maintain current applications which utilize technologies such as:  Microsoft SQL Server, SSAS, SSIS, .NET, C#, JQUERY, Powershell, Windows Server, IIS, etc.

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ETL Technology SSIS and SQL SERVER experts

Our ETL experts specialize in using Microsoft SSIS and SQL SERVER to build solutions.   Microsoft SSIS (SQL SERVER INTEGRATION SERVICES) is an affordable  ETL tool for moving data across multiple sources.  SOme of the data sources which SSIS can work with are ORACLE, Netezza, Informix, DB2, EXCEL Spreadsheets, MS ACCESS, FLAT FILES, delimited files and more. If you are having difficulty with any aspect of using these tools or working with data please contact us now.  We are experts of helping businesses build reporting solutions using SSIS and SQL server.

ETL.NET Extract Transform and Load Resource

ETL.NET is an Extract Transform and Load Resource.  We have experts who specialize in using ETL tools to create operational data stores, data warehouses, and more.  Please feel free to contact us with any questions you might have.